Why GrokHome?

The People

You can expect to be surrounded by smart people solving big problems. Every guest brings something new to our community. Ideas flow and people are exposed to new possibilities they never stumbled on before.

The Space

Maximize your access to working in a supportive and social environment with enough private space for when you really need to bury your head in your work. You can even have clients or coworkers over for meetings.

The Events

We have frequent demo nights, speakers and events throughout the city. With deep ties to the local tech scene we can help you get involved if you are new to town. Our network grows with every new guest.

The City

Take advantage of everything a city has to offer. We make our home in the best neighborhods for anyone's social, cultural and lifestyle needs. Always close to transit and within walking distance to tons of local favorites.

Our product preview

Romero House in The University District

Romero House is located just two blocks from Startup Hall, a 20,000-square-foot space occupied by startup incubator Techstars Seattle. Home to the University of Washington (UW), a top research university, the U District is a thriving academic environment. Both the UW and the City of Seattle are striving to make the U District an innovation hub that attracts top tech talent and startup entrepreneurs.

Perhaps most importantly, The Romero House is situated just up the street from the delicious pancake bar at Portage Bay Cafe, and kayak rentals at Agua Verde. Work, eat and adventure in Seattle's most studious district.

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UW Hacker House Beer East
UW Hacker House Beer West
UW Hacker House Beer South
UW Hacker House - Turing Lower (1st flr, 2p)
UW Hacker House - Turing Upper (1st flr, 2p)
UW Hacker House - Lamar Upper (2p)
UW Hacker House - Lamar Lower (2p)
UW Hacker House - Hopper Upper (2nd flr 2p)
UW Hacker House - Hopper Lower (2nd flr 2p)
UW Hacker House - Jacquard Upper (2p)
UW Hacker House - Jacquard Lower (2p)
UW Hacker House - Lovelace (2nd flr 4p 1L)
UW Hacker House - Lovelace (2nd flr 4p 1U)
UW Hacker House - Lovelace (2nd flr 4p 2L)
UW Hacker House - Lovelace (2nd flr 4p 2U)
UW Hacker House - Hamilton Upper (2p)
UW Hacker House - Hamilton Lower (2p)
UW Hacker House - Bartik West (base 2p)
UW Hacker House - Bartik East (base 2p)
Our product preview

Cor36 in Wallingford

Located directly on Lake Union in Wallingford, Cor36 is our biggest house and brings you closer to the incredible work being done in places like Ballard and Fremont. Google, Adobe and Tableau are all walking distance, and so are some of Fremont's famed microbreweries.

The house sits directly over the Burke-Gilman Trail, Seattle's main bike path and one of its most important commuting routes. With instant access to iconic Gasworks Park and Lake Union, Cor36 blurs the line between relaxing vacation home and serious workspace.

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Lake Union Hacker House - 1FL 2p L
Lake Union Hacker House - 1FL 2p U
Lake Union Hacker House - 1FL 4p 1L
Lake Union Hacker House - 1FL 4p 1U
Lake Union Hacker House - 1FL 4p 2L
Lake Union Hacker House - 1FL 4p 2U
Lake Union Hacker House - 2FL 2p L
Lake Union Hacker House - 2FL 2p U
Lake Union Hacker House - 3FL 2p L
Lake Union Hacker House - 3FL 2p U
Lake Union Hacker House - 3FL 4p 1L
Lake Union Hacker House - 3FL 4p 1U
Lake Union Hacker House - 3FL 4p 2L
Lake Union Hacker House - 3FL 4p 2U
Lake Union Hacker House - 2FL 4p 1L
Lake Union Hacker House - 2FL 4p 1U
Lake Union Hacker House - 2FL 4p 2L
Lake Union Hacker House - 2FL 4p 2U
Our product preview

IO House in Capitol Hill

Located in the heart of Capitol Hill, the IO House is close to everything hip. This district is Seattle's cultural and entertainment center, and is walkable to downtown and South Lake Union, land of Amazon.

When you're not working, you can enjoy a huge array of restaurants, music venues, art galleries, shopping and sports. Everything you need is right here.

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Io House (Pvt Queen) - SLU walkable
Io House (2FL 4P 1L) - SLU walkable
Io House (2FL 4P 2L) - SLU walkable
Io House (2FL 4P 1U) - SLU walkable
IO House (2FL 4P 2U) - SLU walkable
Io House (bunk 1U) - SLU walkable
Io House (bunk 2U) - SLU walkable
Io House (bunk 1L) - SLU walkable
Io House (bunk 2L) - SLU walkable

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What Our Guests Are Working On

What Our Former Guests Are Saying

"If you are a lover of technology and will be staying in Seattle, chose the IO (aka Hacker) House! For the past month, I have been living with the most brilliant minds while we share stories over dinner, meet weekly about interesting topics and socialize through similar interests. The house location is very convenient, which made it easy for me walk or bus to my new life each day. Plus, the house captain, Matthew, was friendly and real easy-going. I highly recommend the IO House."

"I have been staying at the Io "Hacker" House for the last three months and have thoroughly enjoyed interacting with the fellow hackers, with Matthew (operations), and with Andrew (host). Matthew, a fellow New Yorker, has been a total riot to speak with! I applaud their efforts to cultivate a hacker community. We have been interviewed for television and online media, a game company meets weekly upstairs, we've shared some meals, and I gave the first Dinner/Demo presentation recently -- all good signs for the beginning of something important, exciting, and relevant for Seattle..."

author Arno K. MindBoggle

"The IO house was great during my short visit to Seattle. The location is excellent and there are plenty of workspaces around the house so you can always find a quiet place to work on your projects."

author Gregory M. Designer

"Great people. Ideal neighborhood. Overall great experience. Staying at the Hacker House was perfect for my 3-month stay while in Seattle for projects, giving me a great opportunity to meet some new people who shared similar interests as well as experience all that Capitol Hill has to offer. The place was clean and well-managed, and even with 5-7 other people staying there, was surprisingly private. I had a really good time, would absolutely stay there again and would definitely recommend to anyone looking for short-term housing."

author Nick D. Project Manager

"I had a fantastic time at the Hacker House during my two month stay. The people there were all very friendly and were from a variety of interesting backgrounds (Programmers, entrepreneurs, engineers, and even a graduate molecular biology student)."

author Davin K. Developer

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